Decisive and Innovative Legal Solutions Get Results
  • Sale of midstage client technology company to publicly held company-advised throughout negotiations to closing
  • Immediate resolution of claim in favor of new company in telecommunication dispute that couuld have shuttered the new business
  • $8 million acquisition by employee/entrepreneur involving division of publicly held company
  • $1.2 million acquisition of division of publicly held company for privately held client
  • Obtained the first jury verdict in Texas against the directors of a failed bank
  • $2 million settlement representing founder of telecommunications business in failure by purchaser to complete final payment to founder
  • $6 million settlement in breach of fiduciary duty lawsuit in favor of a founder of a medical organization
  • Successfully defended company in nationwide prosecution of 26 similar companies by Federal Trade Commission
  • Obtained confidential settlement in claim of sexual harassment against Chairman of Board of publicly held corporation, without litigation
  • Obtained confidential settlements for employees after reporting "netspionage" about employer
  • Negotiated severance packages for employees terminated after filing claims of discrimination
  • Entered ongoing litigation as new lead counsel and led team through conflict in multiple state and federal courts between guardian and family of mentally challenged adult against brother/lawyer, resulting in successful rulings in all courts for mentally challenged adult
  • Structured and negotiated client's purchase of interest in ongoing factoring business through use of limited partnership and family trust
  • Developed multi-company start-up strategy, organizational structure and contracts for cutting edge drug and alcohol recovery business
  • Settled wrongful terminations such as nurse/whistleblower at county jail; employee wrongfully terminated at regulatory agency used as scapegoat; employee discharged in pregnancy discrimination by chamber of commerce
  • Obtained summary judgement for employer against wrongful claim by employee of sexual harassment
  • Negotiated contract for developer of software to obtain ownership share in stock-trading business
  • Successfully represented Plaintiff shareholder in shareholder oppression dispute against co-founder of company , obtaining appointment of receiver and dissolution of company with share awarded directly to client over opposition of other co-founder
  • Successfully defended Company and directors in shareholder oppression lawsuit with multiple plaintiffs, resulting in settlement removing opposing shareholders from company

More Client Successes in Litigation


We are driven to achieve the best possible results! (Results obtained depend on the facts of each case.) Here are some examples of successes for clients in which Brenda Collier was lead counsel. The client received the net dollar amounts listed in the examples:

  • $11.5 milllion verdict for the plaintiff in a breach of fiduciary duty lawsuit
  • $12 million judgment for the creditor in an individual's bankruptcy proceeding made non-dischargeable in bankruptcy
  • $4.3 million settlement for FDIC against directors and officers of a failed bank for negligence
  • $3.2 million settlement involving claims for breach of fiduciary duty against officers and directors of corporation
  • $2.3 million settlement as severance and golden parachute in favor of original founder of high tech company after sale to publicly held company
  • $350,000 jury verdict in breach of contract lawsuit for a manufacturer's representative in Federal Court
  • $270,000 settlement in breach of contract and fraud lawsuit for client/buyer in $23 million commercial real estate sale where client retained property
  • $200,000 judgment for employer and enforcement of non-competition agreement and non-hire agreement against a former employer and former employee